Spinnaker : Getting started guide — Part 2 (Adding AWS as provider)

Configuring Spinnaker to use AWS

Well finally after 10 min you got your Spinnaker installed. Unlike other applications it is just not installation to get you started. You have to go through the pain of configuring it.

What exactly do I mean by configuring. For the sake of example let us hypothetically set a goal


  1. Configuring Spinnaker to use AWS and
  2. Launch an EC2.

What you need to gather

  1. An S3 bucket ( Example : spinnaker-nag123 )
  2. An AWS Account ( Example : 112233374870 )
  3. Create two IAM Roles,
  • BaseIAMRole
  • spinnakerManaged

TBD : Create scripts to create the above IAM Roles. For now instructions for creating the above roles is present in the Armory docs


Assuming you got your Spinnaker app up and running based on the Part 1.

  1. ssh to your EC2 instance where you installed Spinnaker
  2. Copy the below file to deploy/spinnaker/basic/spinnakerservice.yml

3. Navigate to this directory as

cd spinnaker-operator/deploy/spinnaker/basic

4. Execute the following command

kubectl -n spinnaker apply -f .

Note :

  1. For the VPC Subnets to show up in Spinnaker. You should plan to tag them with a value

More info : Configure AWS Networking for Spinnaker

2. Ensure your healthcheck is set for the app as cloudprovider https://www.armory.io/blog/my-pipeline-is-stuck-on-wait-for-up-instances/


  • Navigate to your spinnaker instance and ensure you are able to deploy an instance.


Coming up

How to Integrate with GitHub account



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